Corporate Team Building Activities

TeamworkWhilst our primary focus on this site is games for youth, we have frequent visitors searching for team building activities for their company, work group or start up. Good managers and business owners know that a strong team leads to a more successful business. 

Why run team building activities?

Team Building games have a bad reputation amongst adults. Many employees roll their eyes when you mention the idea. Despite this, team building activities and games are a proven technique to improving team performance. They help by:

  • strengthening relationships between team members
  • assisting team members understand each other's weaknesses and strengths
  • promoting collaboration and a spirit of working together
  • raising the energy levels of team members
  • creates a different opportunity for team members to connect
  • introducing something different in the day to mix up people's usual schedule

Therefore, we've compiled a list of exercises specifically for the corporate world. These Team Building Activities for Adults will get people interacting in ways you never imagined.

Team Building Activities for Adults 

Post-it Note Games

Once used for phone messages, Post-it notes have made a comeback to the office thanks to success of Agile Project Management. Employees use these every day to keep track of tasks, user stories or projects. There are a few great games you can play with just Post-it Notes. See the ideas here.

Paper Building

A simple game which encourages team members to work together to build the tallest tower out of paper. Read more.

Two Truths and a Lie

This activity encourages people to share some little known facts about themselves or unusual situations they may have experienced. I have played this a few times amongst work collegues and every time I've learnt something surprising about my co-workers. This can help foster further understanding and improve relationships. Read more.

Blind Draw

Describing something to another team member to draw sounds simple doesn't it? See what you think after playing this game! A fantastic variation to this team building game is to introduce communication methods common in your office - for example, have one group use email, another use instant messaging, another phone. Compare the results, what were your lessons learnt?  

Other team building ideas for employees

If you'd prefer something different and want to get out of the office, try something social:

  • Bowling
  • Team BBQ
  • Mini-golf
  • Entering a fun run together
  • Enroll in a cooking course
  • Learn how to Sail
  • Go on a tour of a winery
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paint Balling
  • Dragon boating