Messy Games for Youth

Messy Games

Every Youth Group Calendar needs a night where everyone gets covered in shaving cream, dirt, mud then finishes with a massive a water fight!

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Banana split in the mouthThis game is hilarious and fun for all! Prep: Gather all ingredients for banana... more>>>3.5 stars
Banana SurgerySplit your group up into smaller... more>>>3.5 stars
Cheeto tossSuper easy, messy, fun game! Can work with small groups or at a Kids Camp up on stage.Have a few groups of two people. One person... more>>>3.5 stars
Chubby BunniesChubby Bunnies is a game involving marshmallows. It can get a bit messy! ... more>>>3.5 stars
Cracker Ping Pong... more>>>4 stars
Dirty MouthBuy 2 tubes of cheap toothpaste. Split the group into 2 teams. Have some sort of incentive or reward. Have each team... more>>>3.5 stars
Dog Wash A ThonA unique fundraising idea guaranteed to be fun (and messy!)... more>>>3.5 stars
Egg DropA great game to encourage people to work together... more>>>3.5 stars
Frozen T'sThis game is literally an icebreaker!  It requires... more>>>3.5 stars
Gargle a tuneBring three or four people up the front.  Show each person (discreetly) the name of a well known song.  One at a time, they then... more>>>3.5 stars
Human Hungry HippoMost people have... more>>>4 stars
Ice cream whistle racePreparation Make balls of ice cream with a whistle hidden in the centre of it.  Mix in some sour gummy worms... more>>>4 stars
Kiss the King's RingEquipment needed:Burger King paper crownBath robePair of shorts2 large class ringsBlindfolda... more>>>3.5 stars
Shave the balloonDivide into groups of 3 or 4. Each group gets a balloon covered in shaving cream, and a razor.  Their job is to shave the balloon. ... more>>>3.5 stars
The JoustPut people into groups of two.  You'll need two stockings (or knee highs), eggs, and 2 foam swimming noodles. Within each... more>>>3.5 stars
Watch your wordsFor this game you need a few tubes of toothpaste Ask youth to take all the toothpaste out of the tube as quick as possible into a... more>>>4 stars
Water Balloon TossSupplies Needed: Water BalloonsPair everyone up in two's. Have the group form two shoulder to shoulder lines with everyone facing their... more>>>3.5 stars
Water Weight LossAlso known as StuffIt and HugItYou will need two large T-shirts that someone does not mind re-washing/donating. Two thin nylon ropes,... more>>>3.5 stars
Total matches: 18