Post It Note Games

These games below require only a pack of Post-it notes.

Secret Questions

Post It Note GamesOn the back of post it notes (ie the sticky side), write some good get-to-know you questions. Stick them all on a whiteboard or wall so you cannot see the question on the back. Each person must come up the front, peel a post it note off the wall and answer the question on the back. 

Two Truthes and a Lie

Give each person three post-it notes. This game involves people writing something about themselves on each notes - two should be true and one should be a lie. All three are shared with the group and the everyone tries to identify which Post-it note contains the lie.

Who am I?

Write the names of someone famous or well known to the group on a Post-it note and stick it on the back of each person. People then have to guess who is on their back by asking only yes or no questions. 

Animal Farm

Give each person a card or post-it note with the name of a farm animal on it (ie. Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, etc). To find the rest of their group, they must make the sound of the animal from their card, and then assemble into groups based on their animal (ie. all the pigs together, all the sheep, etc).

All Stars

A great way of encouraging people in your group, this game involves drawing a self portrait. The group then uses Post-It notes to stick encouraging comments on the portrait.