Games with a Purpose

Games with a PurposeGames are great for creating an environment to foster relationships, but sometimes you need something a little more. Games can be used to illustrate a point, lead into a teaching session or achieve a particular purpose. Running these games will provide you with a memorable teachable moment.  

Games about Encouragement

Encouragement game

If there is one game every Youth Group leader should run it's the Encouragement Game. I cannot speak highly enough about the effect this game can have on young people. Young People do not hear enough positive messages about themselves, but taking part in this game will help correct that. Also check out Distinctly Beautiful which is a similar game. 

Games about Trust

Trust Fall

A well known game, this can lead nicely into a discussion on the concept of trust - what it means, how it feels, how we determine who or what we can trust, and how some people find trusting someone difficult if they have been let down in the past.  


Group members lead a blind folded member through an obstacle course. This requires communication, patience and trust.

Games about Truthfulness


Whilst this is a a fun game, there's little doubt the truth will be stretched during this game. This opens up the opportunity to talk further about the importance of telling the truth, keeping your word and being trustworthy source.  

Two Truthes and a Lie

Two truthes and a lie is a quick get-to-know-you game which involves telling truthes and a 'lie'.  

Games about Love and Compassion

Newspaper in shoe

This is not really a game but an activity that can be a good finish to a night and get young people thinking after your program has finished.

The Amazing Race... to Christ

A longer activity with several opportunities to demonstrate love and compassion to others.  

Do you love your neighbor?

An active game for groups which can lead into a discussion on loving your neighbor and what it means.

The Drunk Intruder

This is not suitable for every group, but an interesting exercise on how your group would handle an unexpected visitor.

Games about standing up for your beliefs

Would You Rather?

A really fun game which gives kids the chance to indicate where they stand on particular issues - some fun, some serious.  This is a great activity to run prior to a talk on how sometimes in life, standing up for what you believe can sometimes put you in the spotlight or make you stand out from the crowd.

Games about Teamwork

Record breaking night

The outcome of this type of game is generally that we can accomplish more than we initially realise, especially when we work together as a team.  

Games with a messageGames about Salvation

Light in the Darkness

A game played at night with torches, demons, crosses and glowing bracelets!  

Games about Communication

Blind Draw

A drawing game where effective communication is the key to success. This game provides a real life example of how easy it is to misinterpret each other. 

Other games with a purpose

Are there any games or activities you know of which have a good message?  If so please let us know so we can share with others.