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An acrostic is an arrangement of words in which certain letters in each line, when taken in order, spell out a word or motto. 

Ask each person in the group to introduce themselves to each other by using words or phrases that describe them to create acrostics of their own names (or nicknames).  For example:

Andrew: Ace, Nice, Dynamic, Reliable, Energetic, Wonderful


  • Free / Low Cost
  • No equipment needed
  • Sharing, Get to know you
  • Night
  • Ice breaker
    • Primary or Elementary School
    • Teens (Age 12-15)
    • Teens (Age 16-18)

    Group Size
    • Small Groups (1-9 people)
    • Medium (10-29 people)
    • Large groups (30+)

    • Medium (11-29 mins)
    • Short (1-10 minutes)
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    awesome idea. this seems like an excellent way to become familiar with others in the ministry, and for new comers to feel welcome and get to know everyone
    - Greg Feaster (15 Dec 2008)

    I am a Youth Minister and this game works wonders for breaking the ice with your teens
    - Joel Buehner (20 Jan 2009)

    it seems like a wonderful game and it's effective for the new comers ..tnx :)
    - Jomz-YOUTH FUSION (14 Mar 2011)

    this is a great idea for promoting self confidence in each youth in the group
    - Yannick Olela (18 Jul 2011)

    I am in love with this website
    - Loy Cidalio (10 May 2014)

    This website is awesome, and I like the fact it has bible verses to enhance the meaning as you debrief. great ideas- PRE-Marital facilitator DC Umoja Kenya
    - samuel Kahare (14 Jun 2014)

    I'm going to begin teaching the youth in my church this Sunday, I can't wait for them to hear mine lol(my name has 9 letters)
    - Sapphirah (13 Nov 2014)

    I am a youth pastor and my wife and I will be putting this to the test today. Even I already enjoy this. Feedback will follow later today. Thans so much for this!
    - (13 Jun 2015)

    I really like this activities they really improve the skills and experiences to other students who are eager to learn new words and how to apply them in their daily life activities.
    - PAUL JUMASON (11 Feb 2016)

    Awesome idea I really
    Enjoyed with this activities
    - Manen (4 Apr 2016)

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