Aardvark Relay

3.5 stars

To play this game, you will need to divide the group into teams (the number of teams depends on the area you have available and group size). 

You will need some equipment for this game.  Place empty bowls on one side of the room and bowls full of dried peas on the other side.  Make sure there is an equal number of peas in each bowl.  Give each team member a straw. 

The aim of the game is for each team to transport a small pile of dried peas from a bowl on one side of the room to another bowl on the other side, using only their straw.  They do this by sucking through the straw so the pea stays fixed to the end of the straw.  If they drop the pea they must pick it up again using the straw

The winning team is the one that transports all the peas first. 


Game Debrief

You can conclude this game with a devotion on our tendency to want to hold onto material things and the costs & difficulties involved with that. 

A good bible verse to use is Luke 12:15-21


  • Free / Low Cost
  • Night
  • Ice breaker
  • Discipleship / Bible
  • Team Building Teamwork
  • Indoor
  • Primary or Elementary School
  • Teens (Age 12-15)
  • Teens (Age 16-18)
  • Young Adults

Group Size
  • Small Groups (1-9 people)
  • Medium (10-29 people)

  • Medium (11-29 mins)
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this game is so very intersting and i see there is a lot of teaching and understanding to young people about holding on material things that its not necessary aspecially when you are the christian or the child of God.
- innocent s msani (28 Sep 2009)

Great game. I used dried kidney beans and it worked just fine (anything of this type can be used... beware of peanut allergies) I first thought this was a relay but having everyone on a team working at the same time is much more fun.

~Jason Furtak~
Youth Leader
Calvary Chapel Alpharetta
- Jason Furtak (20 Jan 2010)

It was fun. We used Hershey's kisses instead of peas. Make sure to warn the kids not to eat the ones that fall on the floor.
- Mallory (14 May 2010)

I used this as an illustration for an addictions group at a children's home. And it brought up some good conversation and discussion about letting go and letting God. Really CooL!
- Bob (12 Jul 2010)

Very good and encouraging
- Manoah (20 Sep 2010)

This game helped me show middle school girls that "ideal" looks arnt always the best. The aardvark is an odd looking creature, but God had a plan for that!

- Kendra (26 Jan 2011)

This game was fun and interesting, we used mini marshmallows. We had a large group, about 10 on each team, i would suggest a few people watching the bowl and the kids, as we had some youth eating the other groups marshmallows, peas may be better. :)
- Chuck (4 Feb 2011)

great and simple AND fun .A great way to geat a simple mesage through.
- dee (16 Nov 2011)

We did this last week and the kids had a blast. Some tried to cheat so we pulled peas out if they tried to. That added to the lesson of being greedy and trying to cheat to get more.
- Drew (10 Jan 2012)

i am going to use water...coz camp is going to be by the beach :)
- Anu (10 Feb 2012)

For another Biblical point, we will use this game as a lead in tool to discuss how we tend to want to 'hold onto' anger and hurt when Jesus says to pray for those who are your enemies / and how we have power over our own attitudes / actions / feelings. Good lesson on how to deal with those feelings. Let go and pray.
- Jen (23 Aug 2013)

I don't understand what the aardvark has to do with the game.
- Caren Wickell (7 Mar 2014)

Thank you so much and it helps and good lessons we get.
there's a member of the group quit because she cant suck the beans instead se is blowing and after 3 to 4 people winning so she quit. On the other group there is the one who keep coming back 4x he can't until the team lose and on the second round he did not permuted him to play. Lesson: never give up/ don't quit/ don't undermine the weak person in the team - this guy on he third he did it many times.
thank you so much it create bonding in the group. God bless
- Bert Aquino (8 Mar 2014)

Great game, I used Maltesers so they had a treat at the end! Our theme is possessions and money, so fitted in nicely
- Donna (6 May 2014)

I like this website!
- shavon hutchinson (18 Sep 2015)

I like this website! The game can use to be a tool to appreciate by the young people the devotion.
- Margarette anne lopez (11 Feb 2016)

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