9 Icebreakers That'll Leave Your Group Buzzing

Icebreaker gamesIce breaker games are crucial to help a group 'warm up' and relax. They encourage people get to know each other in a non-threatening environment. Here are nine ice breaker games we recommend if you're looking for such activities: 

1. Guess the Person

You'll need 20+ minutes for this one but is well worth it if you have the time. In smaller groups, team members have to 'guess the person' based on a description (round 1), then a single word (round 2) and finally based on acting (round 3). This game is guaranteed to generate lots of laughs!.

2. Two extremes

A simple game which allows people to express where they stand on an issue - by literally standing along an imaginary spectrum. For example, if you fold toilet paper, stand on the right hand side of the room, if you scrunch stand on the left!

3. Sit down if

Good for larger groups, this one starts with everyone in the group standing up. The facilitator then reads a statement and all those to whom it applies sit down (eg Sit down if you have eaten chocolate today). The last one standing is the winner!

4. The Toaster Game

A very funny game - everyone sits in a circle with a toaster in the middle. Pop the toaster down and whilst the bread is cooking, you go around the circle and each person has to say something about themselves. Whoever is talking when the toast pops up must eat the toast with whatever toppings you decide to add! The more creative the better!

5. Toilet Role game

Start this icebreaker by passing around a roll of toilet paper and ask people to tear off the amount they normally use. Once everyone has done this, you then announce that for each sheet they have torn off, they must tell the group one thing about themselves!

6. Human Knot

A more active game - everyone stands in a circle and randomly grabs hold of someone else's hands. The objective them is to undo the giant human knot.

7. Two Truths and a Lie

A very simple icebreaker; each person must think of three things about them - two must be true, one must be a lie. As each person shares the three things with the group, the group must guess which one they think is the lie.

8. Anyone Who?

Each person gets a bingo card with several boxes. Each box contains a statement - for example "Someone who has been to the Grand Canyon" or "Someone who roots for the Chicago Bulls". The goal is to mingle amongst the group and get a signature of someone in the box for whom the statement is correct. A great way to encourage people to mix and talk.

9. Year of the Coin 

A short and simple game. Hand out a coin to each person, and have people share what they were doing in the year the coin was made.

If you're after more, check our full collection of icebreaker games, and why not submit your own?