The Moooo game

3.5 stars

Take a 3 youths to be out of earshot. Explain to the rest of the youth that when the first youth player(a) comes back in the room that he/she player(a) will be judging who can moo the loudest. Everyone is then told to moo as loud as possible 3 times. After the third time player (a) will select who Moooooed the loudest. The person player (a) selects can be given a reward (candy) by player (a). Once player (a) makes the selection player (a) sits down and the person selected becomes the judge.

Everyone then will moo for the new judge 2 times as loud as possible. Here is the rub... player (a) does not know that on the third try no one will moo. So on the third time he/she will be the only one that moo's. IF it works everyone will laugh including the victim. At that point someone goes out to collect the next victim.


Game submitted by Tim Perrine - thanks Tim!

  • Free / Low Cost
  • No equipment needed
  • Night
  • Ice breaker
  • Indoor
  • Large area
  • Outdoor
  • Small area
  • Primary or Elementary School
  • Teens (Age 12-15)
  • Teens (Age 16-18)
  • Young Adults

Group Size
  • Small Groups (1-9 people)
  • Medium (10-29 people)
  • Large groups (30+)

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