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Everyone has to walk around randomly until the leader shouts out "Molecules of ___" and they say a number. If they say 6, then everyone has to try and get into a random group of 6 people, anymore or less are out, and the last 2 are the winners.

If you say molecules of 1 you have to stand on one foot and put your hands together over your head like a roof of a house, and if you fall, you're out.

If you say molecules of bacon, then everyone has to get down on the floor (on your stomach) and tap their hands and feet against the ground like sizziling bacon.

If you say molecules of submarine, you lie down on the ground (on your back) and stick one leg straight up in the air. 

Any other object is to be made by the people playing.


Submitted by: Alyssa
Source: Played in AY NL (Allied Youth Newfoundland)


  • Free / Low Cost
  • No equipment needed
  • Night
  • Ice breaker
  • Indoor
  • Large area
  • Primary or Elementary School
  • Teens (Age 12-15)
  • Teens (Age 16-18)
  • Young Adults

Group Size
  • Medium (10-29 people)
  • Large groups (30+)

  • Short (1-10 minutes)
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Any more ideas on other objects that can be used?
- sayyeahhhh (5 Jul 2013)

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