Chubby Bunnies

3.5 stars

Please ensure you read the warning and disclaimer below before attempting this game

Chubby Bunnies is a very simple game.

Pick 3-5 kids, and stand them up the front of the group. Chubby BunniesGive each kid a marshmallow which they must put and hold in their mouth (ie. they are not allowed to swallow it).

They have to say "Chubby Bunnies" out loud to remain in the game. Sounds easy, but each round they need to fit another marshmallow in their mouth. By round 7 they have 7 marshmallows in their mouth and it gets harder!

They are allowed to use their fingers to push the marshmallows into the corners of their mouths. One by one people will drop out as they are unable to say "Chubby Bunnies". The winner is the last one standing!

A word of warning - this game can often result in marshmallows being spitted across the room in laughter, so it does get messy! :)

Warning and disclaimer: As several of our commenter's below point out, this game can very easily create a choking hazard.  Therefore we do not recommend playing this game.  We have left this page here to serve as a warning.  For more information please visit


  • Dirty & Messy
  • Ice breaker
  • Indoor
  • Large area
  • Outdoor
  • Small area
  • Primary or Elementary School
  • Teens (Age 12-15)

Group Size
  • Small Groups (1-9 people)
  • Medium (10-29 people)
  • Large groups (30+)

  • Medium (11-29 mins)
  • Short (1-10 minutes)
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This is really dangerous because it is so easy to choke on an expanding marshmallow.
- Sam Totman (9 Oct 2007)

We do a game called chubby bunny, Jesus loves me. It is a twist of this game. For every one marshmallow they place 3 slices of jalapeno in their mouth. This makes it very fun and the lesson behind it, is that even though you may make a bad decision, such as playing the game, Jesus still loves you.
- Noah Lewis (17 Dec 2007)

They have banned this game in most places because some kids have died doing it. We don't do it anymore but did it a bunch when I was a kid. I don't recommend it due to liablity.
- (4 Oct 2008)

The statement made anonymously (4 Oct 2008) "They have banned this game in most places because some kids have died doing it." is terribly vague and indefinite. Some proof should be required. Banned where and proof? Some kids have died where and proof? It's this sort of wild unproven claim that makes the internet a source of all manner of myths. Of course there's a slight risk of choking. That's all that need be said. This is an old game and certainly has been played by many many people -- without dying from it. Let's don't overreact.
- Rob Nelson (25 Nov 2008)

Couldn't have said it better myself, Rob. Thank you for your comment... quite true.
- Miriam Liska (26 Jan 2009)

Proof that someone died playing this game? 12 year old Catherine Fish from Glenview, IL choked while playing this game in school. I don't think I'd want my kids playing it, even if the risk is minimal.
- Meg (6 Mar 2009)

My youth group has played this game, once we changed it up and used brown beans instead of marshmellows, it was just as fun.
- Mell (5 Apr 2009)

Pshhh.... This game WAS and STILL is the best game ever!!! Played it ALL the time growing up in youth group and NO ONE ever choked jaja =)
- Mary (2 Jul 2009)

I've played this game before and though it has a safety hazard in it, it's REALLY fun to play!
It's one of my favorites, and if someone's worried about it they could just try using smaller marshmallows so they dissolve faster or something.

Just keep an adult around or someone who knows CPR, just in case and I think it'll be fine.
- Olivia (5 Jul 2009)

I have also played this game. As for, "I don't thin I'd want my kids playing it, even if the risk is minimal", what do you do then? Hide and seek offers minimal risk. Driving to youth group offers even greater risk.
- Duane Hellier (23 Sep 2009)

The problem with marshmellows it that they are sticky and expand, so in otherwords it lodges itself in the throat of the child...therefore difficult to use CPR as an effective means to stop choaking. When learning 1st Aid that was what we were taught...the best thing to do is rush the child to the hospital. Hopefully with the right tools the Marshmellow can be extracted.
- (27 Nov 2009)

In my Youth Group, we changed this game because of the warnings and tried Red hots. I can't remember what we made them say but [trust me] keep a trash can nearby.
- James (27 Jan 2010)

Being the skeptic that I am, I always check Here is what they have to say... I am not willing to take that "slight risk of choking" as an okay thing. There's plenty of other games that kiddos can play. It's just irresponsible for an adult to put a child at risk, regardless of the number of "documented" cases. :o)
- Motherof6 (1 Feb 2010)

Still, it's not worth the risk. Take this "game" off your site as a suggestion. It's too risky.
- Bev A. (6 Apr 2010)

For those of you who believe it's a lie that someone died playing the game, please read this article:

A Canadian woman also died in 2006 from the game.
- Laura (17 Apr 2010)

Yeah this game should be taken off the site. It can be really dangerous. It can also make kids vomit, and I don't think that is at all appropriate.
- Rosalie (21 May 2010)

We played this growing up, no one was hurt but now working with teens in our church we choose to use other sweets. Hot Tamales and canned beets are two of the things we've tried.
- Jenny (9 Jun 2010)

Personally, I have to wonder about the objective of a game like this.. what does it really prove?? and what in the world would the object lesson be?? I just dont see the point of endangering or singling kids out.. the object of a game or icebreaker is to put people at ease.. you shouldn't be playing a game in which you're worried about having to use CPR... or have an EMT on standby...
- Jen (28 Jun 2010)

Marshmallows do not expand.....have you ever tried it. This is the most popular game in my youth group....every lock-in the kids can't wait to play it......go ahead and put a marshmallow in your mouth. It dizzolves. Don't knock something unless you have tried it yourself. Played it several times over 3 years. Never had a kid so much as cough/gag while playing it. tip: keep a few trash cans near the players to spit them out in when they can't say it anymore.
- (1 Sep 2010)

We use Sprite and and Banana. Have the kids put a piece of banana in their mouth, and hold it. Then drink some Sprite. The two react together and expand. All you have to do is wait, and see who can hold it the longest. Safer, and still LOADS of fun!
- Liz (6 Sep 2010)

yes this does get messy, but its hilarious and one of my fav games. Just tell the kids if they think they can't do anymore or they feel like its all gonna fall out...then just keep a trash can by and have it ready for anyone who needs to spit it out(; and maybe a water bottle or drinks to wash down the sugary taste left behind. GREAT GAME! I SUGGEST IT!
- Erin (30 Oct 2010)

This probably has to be one of my favorite games. I don't really know about all this choking and children dying but who would give an infant-4 years of age marshmellows?? Well I know in my club, FFA, we play it all the time:)
- Jackie (10 Nov 2010)

I've played this game in youth groups myself and as a leader have led this game hundreds of times. No one has EVER had any problem choking. Again, use common sense with ages...
- Kevin Fields (17 Nov 2010)

People have died in cars and swimming pools, it doesn't mean we stop driving and's a fun game and if kids don't want to play then that's fine but there will always be some that will be up for it
- Jenny (15 Jan 2011)

Don't let children with any mental illness/Ages 7 below play it.
- Aaron (6 Feb 2011)

I think its up to the leader to decide if it's ok to play or not. As a Youth Worker and a Instructor if I think that something is too dangerous I won't do it. Cubby Bunnies is a fun filler game. Games don't have to have a 'learning objective' or a 'point'. I wouldn't let anyone under, say, 7 or 8 play it because by 7 or 8 you have a better understanding of dangerous things than if you are younger. I have played it and still do and have NEVER had a child or teen choke. If they do it's because they have been doing something silly but they have been fine. We don't need to wrap kids in cotton wool, they need to have fun and learn danger for themselves- if it IS dangerous. Ive had a kid fall off a bed and brake her arm, I'm not going to stop her from sitting, or even sleeping on a bed again now am I? Come on! Lets not be silly ourselves now.
- Jess- UK (1 Apr 2011)

Not worth the risk. This game should be taken off this site... my young son is organising an activity and he was going to play this game... Please remove it.

- Patti (8 Oct 2011)

Really! Guys and G'alls! Your kids are going to do way more dangerous things in their life then playing "chubby bunnies" If you don't want your kids playing thats fine, but i don't think we should be telling others their kids shouldn't either.
- Sarah (25 Nov 2011)

I agree that kids do many things waaay more dangerous than this game. However, with all the warnings and talk (true or not), if you play this game and something goes wrong, you are done. This screams lawsuit. I know accidents can happen with any activity but the liability is just too high for me to lead this with my group of kids.
- Greg (9 Feb 2012)

A girl died from playing this game. The marshmallows melted from her body heat and slid down her throat and she choked on them. Please be careful.
- Alivia (4 Mar 2012)

It should be up to the parents & whoever is in charge bc there is a risk no matter what u do. People die playing football, but it's still played widely. Rob Nelson. That's my God father name.
- T (17 Nov 2012)

I wouldn't play this game with children younger than 12, but it's the PERFECT game for Youth Group! The teens love it and I've never seen ANYONE choke. We always have a trash can nearby so they can spit it all out. Maybe this game should just be labelled PG-13. LOL!
- Trista (12 Apr 2013)

I never had a problem playing this game with kids 10 and older i agree if you have a couple of adult that's been trained and first aid then it will be fine
- nick (27 Mar 2014)

Our kids love playing things that are fun and challenging.... This world needs to calm down - yes there see risks - in EVERYTHING!! Be cautious have fun and quit being so uptight and letting all the people who are making our lives so "offense-sensitive" make the rules ....
- Laura (16 Jul 2015)

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