Ice Breaker Games for Large Groups

Coming up with ice breaker games for large groups can be a logistical challenge. How do you keep everyone engaged and interested?  Here are some games that work well with large groups - perfect for your next camp or youth group night.

Ice Breaker Games

Sit Down If

A perfect game for large groups - this one involves everyone standing up and staying standing until a statement that is true for them is read out.  If you prepare well, this game is an absolute winner.  

Line Up

interactive, fun and a great way to learn about other people in the group, this game helps people mingle and get to know each other.  Highly recommended. 

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Young people love a good game of Rock Paper Scissors right?  How about holding a tournament?  It doesn't take as long as you think, and your young people will be talking about it for years!

Two Extremes

This game works for pretty much any group size, provided you have the space. It involves reading out a statement and getting people to make a stand... on where they stand!  Lots of fun and really breaks the ice!

Anybody Who

Also known as People Bingo, this game encourages large groups to mingle and seek out those who meet the various qualities included on bingo cards.   

TV / Streaming games

If you have a TV, projector and/or an audience with phones, Quiplash or Kahoot are both games you should check out for alternate options.

What ice breaker games work well for you?  Let us know!