Bus Games

We've all been on a long bus trip and been bored senseless.  Fear not!  This page contains a list of games 


The Flashlight Game

The leader starts with a flashlight in their hands and says "Do exactly what I do".  

He/she clears their throat then dances around with the flash light - passing it behind their back and through their legs - it doesn't really matter what.  When they are finished they seek a volunteer who tries to do the same thing.  As long as the person clears their throat first, they 'pass' - if not, it's the next volunteers turn. 


Three things

Learn 3 things about the person next to you – every 10 minutes the person in the aisle rotates one seat forward 


Object Bingo or Spotto

(this works for younger groups, not so well for older teens)

Give people a bingo card with photos of some objects they need to spot out the window.
For example – a cow, a horse, a windmill, a fire truck, McDonalds, a Mercedes, etc.

As people see the item, they tick or circle it on their card. When they have ticked everything on their card, they yell out ‘Bingo!’


The Green Glass Door

Tell the group about "The Green Glass Door".

Only certain objects or things are allowed through the Green Glass Door.  Start with a few examples - you can have a hammer but not nails.  Books can go in the green glass door, but words cannot.  You can have a spoon but not a fork.  Apples can go through but an Orange definitely cannot.

Throw it open to the group to make suggestions and answer with a "Yes" or "No".

The secret criteria is that words with a double letter are allowed through.

The Moon can go through, but not the Sun!  A Green crayon can go throuh but not a red crayon!


What games do you play to keep young people occupied on a bus?  Let us know info [at] jubed.com