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Games with a Purpose

Games with a Purpose

Are you looking for some games with a purpose or a message? Try these activities and leave an impact on your group.

Get to know you games

Five Simple Get To Know You Games

When you have a group that doesn't know each other well or includes a few new people, try some of these five simple get to know you games.


9 Icebreakers that will leave your Group Buzzing

We've compiled a list of ice breaker games which are fun, effective and really easy to run!

Bus Games

Bus Games

If you have a long bus trip with kids, you'll need these games to keep everyone happy...because Wheels on the Bus gets old real quick!

Team Building Activities

8 Fun and Effective Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities are a great way to strengthen relationships amongst your group. Here are 8 activities that will do just that!

Encouragement Game

Featured: Encouragement Game

If there is one game we insist you must play, it's The Encouragement Game. Such a powerful way to build up your young people.

Rock Paper Scissors

Featured Game: Human Rock Paper Scissors

A funny variation on an all time classic favorite with Young People - Human Paper, Rock Scissors!

Ice Breaker Games for Large Groups

Ice Breaker Games for Large Groups

Ice Breaker Games can be challenging for larger groups. Avoid the logistical headaches with these ideas.

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