Outdoor Games for Youth

Outdoor Games

Not every game that works indoors will work outdoors - here's a list of games and activities specifically for when you're headed outdoors!

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Animal FarmThis is a quick, fun activity to divide your group into smaller groups.   Give each person a card or post-it note with the name... more>>>3.5 stars
Banana split in the mouthThis game is hilarious and fun for all! Prep: Gather all ingredients for banana... more>>>3.5 stars
Blanket VolleyballThis game is just like normal volleyball, but each team is given a blanket.   The team should stand around the edge of the blanket,... more>>>2.5 stars
Caterpillar RaceForm teams of equal size, with five to seven players on each team (3 also works). Have kids think up one-syllable names for their teams. Then... more>>>3.5 stars
Cheeto tossSuper easy, messy, fun game! Can work with small groups or at a Kids Camp up on stage.Have a few groups of two people. One person... more>>>3.5 stars
Chubby BunniesPlease ensure you read the warning and disclaimer below before attempting this game Chubby... more>>>4 stars
CopycatStart by getting everyone in the group to stand in a circle facing inwards.  Then pick one person and send them out of the room. ... more>>>3.5 stars
Crab SoccerSplit up into two teams.  Each team lines up on one side of a small soccer field, with goals at either end.  The goals can be proper... more>>>3.5 stars
Do you really know me?Everyone needs a pen and paper. Have everyone sit in a circle and place a bowl in the center. To start, everyone writes down one thing that... more>>>3.5 stars
Dog Wash A ThonI'm sure you've all participated in Car Washes to raise money for charities/camps/etc, but for something different, try a Dog-Wash-A-Thon! ... more>>>3.5 stars
Down Down DownPurpose: To have fun and have a laugh Equipment: A tennis ball Details (not many): A group of people, as few... more>>>2.5 stars
Dress UpThis is not a game, but a way you can add a twist to an existing activity, by asking people to come in fancy dress.  Some ideas... more>>>3.5 stars
Total matches: 65
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