Games for Small Groups

Finding games for smaller groups can be difficult, but this list includes those games ideal for groups of less than 10 people

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Aardvark RelayTo play this game, you will need to divide the group into teams (the number of teams depends on t... more>>>
AcrosticAn acrostic is an arrangement of words in which certain letters in each line, when taken in order... more>>>
Animal Bird FishSit everyone in a circle, and select someone to start.  This person (a) walks up to any othe... more>>>
Animal KingdomAsk kids to introduce themselves and say which of the following animals they most identify with:... more>>>
Anyone who?This activity is a good... more>>>

Assassin(also known as Werewolf or Mafia)

Assassin is a great game - it's simple to setup, nee... more>>>
Bad BowlingA twist on your regular ten pin bowling night - this one involves teams trying to get the worst (... more>>>
Balloon SmashTo prepare for this game, you need two balloons for each person in your group (plus some spares f... more>>>
Banana split in the mouthThis game is hilarous and fun for all!

Prep:... more>>>
Banana Surgery... more>>>
Bibbidy Bop BopEveryone sits on chairs in a circle.  Choose someone to stand in the middle. This person the... more>>>
Birdie on a PerchAsk everyone to find a partner so everyone is paired up in groups of two. Have them decid... more>>>
Total matches: 131
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