Games for Large Groups

It can be difficult running (or controlling!) games for large groups of people. These should help keep everyone happy and entertained!
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The shoe gameThis is a good short game to help your group mix it up a bit.  Sit everyone in a circle, tell everyone to take off their left... more>>>3.5 stars
Crab SoccerSplit up into two teams.  Each team lines up on one side of a small soccer field, with goals at either end.  The goals can be proper... more>>>3.5 stars
Five around the circleHave everyone sit in a circle.  Ask a volunteer to introduce themselves and the four people on their left, to the rest of the group. ... more>>>3.5 stars
Interrogate the leaderForm the same number of groups as you have leaders.  Assign a leader to each group and have group members "grill" the leader with... more>>>4 stars
Tape GrabBefore your students arrive, rip 3-4 inch pieces of colored tape (1 color per team... We usually play with two teams).  Fold over about... more>>>2.5 stars
Youth OlympicsWith the Rio Olympics on during August 2016, it's an ideal time to incorporate an Olympic themed event in your Youth Group Calendar: ... more>>>3.5 stars
Rock Paper Scissors TournamentWe all know the Rock Paper Scissors game.  But can you... more>>>3.5 stars
Balloon SmashTo prepare for this game, you need two balloons for each person in your group (plus some spares for those that might break whilst you're inflating... more>>>3.5 stars
Elephant TagThis works best played in a large, open area. Pick three "elephants". These are the taggers. They have to hold their right ear with... more>>>3.5 stars
Hunt the LeaderThis was one of my favorites.  We would take the youth group to a large shopping mall or main street (depending if it's day or night)... more>>>3.5 stars
Worker AuctionThis is primarily a fundraising... more>>>3.5 stars
Dress UpThis is not a game, but a way you can add a twist to an existing activity, by asking people to come in fancy dress.  Some ideas... more>>>3.5 stars
Total matches: 119
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