Games for Large Groups

It can be difficult running (or controlling!) games for large groups of people. These should help keep everyone happy and entertained!
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Buzz FizzSeparate the group into groups of 10 (or there abouts depending on the size of your group). They have to count from 1 to 50 as a group. However,... more>>>3.5 stars
CategoriesEveryone needs a piece of paper and pen for this one.  Down the left hand side, write the following categories:TV... more>>>3.5 stars
Caterpillar RaceForm teams of equal size, with five to seven players on each team (3 also works). Have kids think up one-syllable names for their teams. Then... more>>>3.5 stars
Celebrity headAn oldie but a goodie!For this game, you need three headbands or head pieces onto which you slot or stick a piece of paper or card. ... more>>>3.5 stars
Chinese PictionaryThis game is a cross between Chinese Whispers and Pictionary.   Divide your group up into teams of 4.   Ask the... more>>>3.5 stars
Christmas Games... more>>>4 stars
Chubby BunniesPlease ensure you read the warning and disclaimer below before attempting this game Chubby... more>>>4 stars
Clan and TribeTell kids that they're going to form different groups or "clans".  Ask group members to choose from the following list of animal they... more>>>3.5 stars
Comedy HourForm pairs.  Ask each partner to complete any three of the following sentences: The funniest television commercial I've... more>>>3.5 stars
CopycatStart by getting everyone in the group to stand in a circle facing inwards.  Then pick one person and send them out of the room. ... more>>>3.5 stars
Crab SoccerSplit up into two teams.  Each team lines up on one side of a small soccer field, with goals at either end.  The goals can be proper... more>>>3.5 stars
Crossword namesA good game for groups that are relatively new, this activity will encourage people to learn each other's names.  Give each person... more>>>3.5 stars
Total matches: 119
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