The Joust

3.5 stars

Put people into groups of two. 

You'll need two stockings (or knee highs), eggs, and 2 foam swimming noodles.

Within each team of two, nominate one person to be the horse and the other rider.

The horse will need to put the stocking with the egg on their head so the egg is in the middle of their forehead. The rider will then ride piggy back on the horse's back, using the the noodle as a jousting stick.

2 teams of two will compete and the first team to break the other teams egg with their jousting stick moves on in the tournament.  Continue eliminating teams until there's a winner.

Obviously safety may be an issue here, so take necessary precautions to ensure the game will not injure anyone and if in doubt, perhaps choose another game!

  • Free / Low Cost
  • Dirty & Messy
  • Night
  • Ice breaker
  • Team Building Teamwork
  • Indoor
  • Large area
  • Outdoor
  • Teens (Age 12-15)
  • Teens (Age 16-18)
  • Young Adults

Group Size
  • Small Groups (1-9 people)
  • Medium (10-29 people)
  • Large groups (30+)

  • Medium (11-29 mins)
  • Short (1-10 minutes)
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Also a fun messy game played annually in the battle between classes where I went to school... the egg is taped to the forehead of the "horse" with clear packaging tape and instead of a noodle use a fish (1-2 ft long). Have everyone else stand in a circle to form the boundary around them (outside of course). Great fun :) (also, we would put 8 pairs, 2 on each team, out at once)
- Kim (19 Sep 2008)

A couple of years ago, my old youth group played this game right next to my car...needless to say, my car has egg on it that WON'T come off. So, if you are deciding to play this game in a parking lot, then please...for the saftey of our vechicles... Move all the cars! Haha. [:
- Morgan (12 Nov 2008)

Ha! What a great game, seemed to span the ages of our diverse youth group (6-12). Very intense and the kids loved the competition. Not all the girls wanted to participate, but still a good laugh for the audience and fun for the people.
- Nathan (8 Mar 2010 (9 Mar 2010)

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