Random Acts of Kindness

3.5 stars

This isn't really a game but more a general theme for an activity you may wish to do with your group. 

The concept is to basically organise your group to participate in "Random acts of kindness".  What this involves and looks like really depends on your group size, age ranges, community needs and the time you have available. 

The best way to describe the concept is to give a few examples:

  • Identify a family that may be struggling and volunteer to help out around their house - weed their backyard, mow their lawns, vaccuum and mop the floors. 
  • Visit a local retirement village and simply spend time talking to the people there.  They love this type of stuff!
  • Volunteer for a night at a soup kitchen
  • Pickup rubbish at a nearby park
  • Beautify the church garden
  • Have a free car wash  

Imagine the impact these activities have on EVERYONE involved - those receiving the gift, those giving, those observing.  This is one of those activities that everyone ends up on a high!



  • Free / Low Cost
  • Team Building Teamwork
  • Indoor
  • Large area
  • Outdoor
  • Small area
  • Teens (Age 12-15)
  • Teens (Age 16-18)
  • Young Adults

Group Size
  • Small Groups (1-9 people)
  • Medium (10-29 people)
  • Large groups (30+)

  • Longer (30-60 mins)
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This could be even better if it had a sort of scouts feel to it by giving the young people badges (which they can refuse, if they don't want to brag about their kindness) but someting to encourage them to keep at it even though they don't get a 'thank you' from the recipients of their kindness
- Msluffa (22 May 2011)

I love it!!! we are going to do this!! and immediately post my next comment about how it goes!!! :D

- jeremy (10 Jul 2013)

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