Games for Large Groups

It can be difficult running (and controlling!) games for large groups of people. These should help keep everyone happy and entertained.
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Kiss the King's RingEquipment needed:Burger King paper crownBath robePair of shorts2 large class ringsBlindfolda... more>>>3.5 stars
Lap SitThis game can be run with medium to large sized groups and is a good one to teach the concept of trust.   Make a big circle and... more>>>4 stars
Line up This game is good if you need a quick 5 minute icebreaker or time filler. It works best for groups of 10 or more people. The leader... more>>>3.5 stars
Line up blind Very similar to Line Up, this game involves lining up in a given... more>>>3.5 stars
Look Up Look DownArrange people in a circle (max 15-20 people per circle) and ask everyone to look down.  When the leader says "Look up"... more>>>3.5 stars
Magic CarpetSplit into teams of 8 to 12 people. Each team will be given a large piece of paper, towel, or rugas a magic carpet and all team members... more>>>3.5 stars
Marshmallow TowerFor this game, you need packet(s) of marshmallows and packet(s) of spaghetti.Split the group into two or more teams.  Generally... more>>>3.5 stars
Mine FieldThis game teaches kids the value of communication and trust. It works best if you have a large area, indoor or outdoor. Setup... more>>>3.5 stars
Molecules  Everyone has to walk around randomly until the leader shouts out "Molecules of ___" and they say a number. If they say 6, then... more>>>3.5 stars
Musical clothesFor this game, you need a garbage bag full of old clothes (your local op shop is perfect for this).  Sit everyone in a circle,... more>>>4 stars
Musical PeopleA twist on Musical Chairs... minus the chairs you dont need much for this game. Rules: people must walk around the room, spread out,... more>>>3.5 stars
My Secret IdentityGive each person a post-it note and ask them to write on it the name of someone well known to everyone in the group.  It could be a celebrity,... more>>>3.5 stars
Name TossFor this game, all you need is a pool noodle or a pillow... something that won't hurt if you got hit with it!Have your group sit in... more>>>3.5 stars
Newspaper in shoeNot really a game but a good thought provoking activity that can work well at the end of a devotional or youth service. Collect... more>>>3.5 stars
One wordForm pairs.  Have pairs sit on the floor and talk to each other by speaking one-word messages back and forth.  Suggest one of the... more>>>3.5 stars
Paper TelephoneSeparate into groups of 5-7 people each. Have each group sit around a table. Give a blank sheet of paper to each participant. Everyone... more>>>3.5 stars
Pass the parcelEveryone's heard of "Pass the Parcel", so you might think this sounds a bit lame as a youth group game, but it can work well if... more>>>3.5 stars
Peanut Butter RiverFor this game you need two ropes to represent the banks of a river. The goal is to have the group cross the river. Give the team... more>>>3.5 stars
Photo nightSplit into groups of 4-5 (make sure there's one leader in each group), and give each group a camera (or they can use their phones if they... more>>>3.5 stars
Random Acts of KindnessThis isn't really a game but more a general... more>>>3.5 stars
Total matches: 120
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