8 Fun and Effective Team Building Activities

Team Building games are activities with an intentionally aim to develop relationships, improve the dynamics and help strengthen the sense of identity of those within your group. It's a crucially important part of running a Youth Group.

These games mostly involve shared experiences, a key ingredient in building relationships.

1. Encouragement Game

The Encouragement Game will leave your whole group feeling good! Everyone benefits from encouragement - both giving and receiving, and this game provides the opportunity to intentionally speak positive words into each other's lives. This game literally can be a life changer! Strongly recommended!

2. Photo Night

A really fun game and a great way of developing friendships through shared experiences. In a nutshell, this game involves splitting your group into teams of 4-5 people. Each team is given a camera and earns points by taking photos of scenarios or objects, involving members of the team. 

3. Grog

This game was submitted by one of our readers and has received great feedback from our readers. You can read more on the game's page but it involves a torch, dark spaces and hide and seek! Enjoy!

4. Human Knot

A very simple, quick game involving creating (and then untying) a human knot. This encourages your group to work together to solve a problem.

5. Hunt the Leader

Similar to the Photo night, except instead of collecting photos, the teams are searching for leaders trying to camouflaging themselves into the environment :)

6. Pass the Parcel

I know what you're thinking - Pass the Parcel is a very lame game for Youth, but this involves a twist! Read the page for more detail.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Not so much a game but a suggestion to organise an activity your group can do together to benefit other people; for example a "Backyard Blitz", write letters (encouraging, or social action), cook meals, etc. It's amazing what a group of people can accomplish together, and the way it will strengthen your group and bring them together.

8. Youth Camps

Growing up in a church, without doubt camps were the events that had the most positive influence on my life. Spending significant quality time together with other people, the experiences we shared, were literally life shaping. If you're looking to strengthen the friendships of kids within your groups, one of the best ways to do that is to run a camp!

We have plenty more team building activities too. If you know of any good ones you'd like to share with others, please let us know and we can add it to the collection - thanks!